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Wednesday, Dec 22, 2021   
Award Winner
93R  [BB] MannyTheBull (3 kills with 93r)
A-91  thudthehaystack (4 kills with a-91)
AEK-971  [BB] MannyTheBull (5 kills with aek971)
AK-12  Landeier2004 (7 kills with ak-12)
AN-94  dabullnowak (6 kills with an-94)
AUG A3  Picopaalquelee (2 kills with aug a3)
AWS  SantosCWB (4 kills with aws)
C4 EXPLOSIVE  [BB] MannyTheBull (2 kills with c4)
CS-LR4  moist_reconcile (2 kills with cs-lr4)
CS5  [BB] MannyTheBull (5 kills with cs5)
CZ-75  19Hellraiser78 (1 kills with cz-75)
DBV-12  19Hellraiser78 (2 kills with dbv-12)
DEAGLE 44  [DOPE] Chronchitis1017 (1 kills with desert eagle)
F2000  SantosCWB (3 kill with f2000)
G36C  19Hellraiser78 (4 kills with g36c)
LAV-25  19Hellraiser78 (1 kills with lav-25)
Longest Death Streak  wackenkalle666 (12 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  [DOPE] Chronchitis1017 (16 kills)
Longest Play Time  Der_Destroyer_07 (01:13:04h hours)
M1911  McCanucklehead (1 kills with m1911)
M240B  Lovemofin1 (1 kills with m240b)
M32 MGL  wackenkalle666 (1 kills with mgl)
M320  Picopaalquelee (1 kills with m320_he)
M416  Der_Destroyer_07 (20 kills with m416)
MBT LAW  [BB] MannyTheBull (1 kills with nlaw)
MELEE  [Help] SkittleTurtle (1 kills with melee)
MG4  [BB] MannyTheBull (8 kills with mg4)
MK11 MOD 0  SantosCWB (7 kills with mk11)
MK153 SMAW  EpicPedik1 (1 kills with smaw)
Most Deaths  Der_Destroyer_07 (44 deaths)
Most Headshots  [DOPE] Chronchitis1017 (19 headshots)
Most Improved Player  [DOPE] Chronchitis1017 (883 points gained)
Most Kills  [DOPE] Chronchitis1017 (84 kills)
Most Suicides  dabullnowak (2 suicides)
MTAR21  McCanucklehead (4 kills with mtar21)
QBB-95-1  wackenkalle666 (6 kills with qbb-95)
QBU-88  [DOPE] Chronchitis1017 (47 kills with qbu88)
RFB  19Hellraiser78 (1 kills with rfb)
RHIB BOAT  McCanucklehead (2 kills with rhib)
RPG-7V2  McCanucklehead (1 kills with rpg7)
SCAR-H SV  AngryLaLa88 (9 kills with scar_h sv)
SHORTY 12G  19Hellraiser78 (5 kills with shorty)
SKS  19Hellraiser78 (6 kills with sks)
SRR-61  dabullnowak (8 kills with srr-61)
SVD-12  [DOPE] Chronchitis1017 (9 kills with svd-12)
TYPE 88 LMG  AngryLaLa88 (3 kills with type-88)
TYPE 99 MBT  C37_SQUARED_ (1 kills with type-99-mbt)
TYPE-95B-1  LoverOfZion (12 kills with type-95)
U-100 MK5  Landeier2004 (1 kills with mk5)
UNICA 6  [Help] SkittleTurtle (1 kills with unica6)
USAS-12  wackenkalle666 (2 kills with usas-12)
XM25  AngryLaLa88 (1 kills with xm25)
ZBD-09  [DOPE] Chronchitis1017 (7 kills with zbd-09)